Atlantic City Tipping Guide

Have you ever thought; “How much should I tip this person?” when on vacation in Atlantic City, NJ? Most travelers visiting Atlantic City for the first time, have no idea who and how much to tip casino service providers. For sure, if you read my guide to tipping, you’ll feel much more comfortable about it next time. 

It’s important to keep in mind that many casino workers rely heavily on tips from customers, some make a very low hourly wage to begin with and rely on the extra income from tips. In some cases tipping some key people can turn into an incredible experience for you and your posse. How would you like an upgrade to a nicer room or suite, and  a VIP table in a top nightclub or front row seats for a show, it’s all possible if you follow this guide. OK, here we go!

Restaurant Maitre d’ – During busy times or if you desire a specific table location, it may necessary to take care of the Maitre d’. Simply fold a $10 or $20 bill in the palm of your hand and shake his hand, asking if there are any available tables. If there is nothing he can do, he will hand your money back to you.

Showroom Captain – Some Casino shows are General Admission, in this case, identify the Showroom Captain and shake their hand with a $20 bill, they will gladly find a great location for you. This works with all general seating shows.

Nightclub Bouncer / Doorman – This is one underused do to the intimidation factor of these big guys. If you want to by pass a line or get into a certain area of a nightclub, have the first guy in your party put $50 in his hand, follow in a single file line, the first guy shakes the bouncers hand and says, “I have # of people with me”, the bouncer will escort you into the club, if he is unable to accept tips he will say so and give the money back.

Front Desk Clerk (Room Upgrade) – I do this one everywhere I go. When you arrive at the Front Desk, place a $20 bill between your ID and your credit card, simply hand to the Front Desk agent and say “Are there any complimentary upgrades tonight?.” Once again, if they are unable to help, they will hand back your money.

Here’s Quick Look Guide at Tipping in Atlantic Casinos – Lucky 21

1. Dealers – Rule of thumb is $5 per hour you are playing at a table.

2. Cocktail Servers – $1 per drink on the casino floor.

3. Slot Attendants- Hand Pay Outs – 0.5% to 1% of total jackpot payout.

4. Keno Runners – $1 per ticket, more if you hit one!

5. Horse Racing Teller – Always leave the change for each cashed ticket, give more if you win.

6. Massage Therapist – Generally 10% – 20%, check to make sure the tip isn’t included.

7. Hair Salon Technician – $5 per hair cut, 15% for other services like nails etc.

8. Concierge – $5 per dining reservation, more for additional services.

9. Musician / Singer / Entertainer – $5 per night if you enjoy the music, $10 for requests!.

10. Shuttle Driver – $2 for Free Shuttle Service to other casinos.

11. Wine Steward – 10% – 15% of the total wine bill, hopefully he delivers on your requests.

12. Houseman – Delivers extra blankets, Pillows, Towels etc give him a minimum of $2.

13. Cab Driver – Atlantic City trips are short so $2 plus change for the short trips 15% longer.

14. Limousine Driver – Short free trips $5,  

15. Parking Valet – $2 – $5, I say $2 for standard cars and $5 or more for luxury cars.

16. Chambermaid – $1 – $2 per day is sufficient. Most commonly overlooked service provider.

17. Room Service – 15% (May already be included)

18. Waiter/Waitress – 15% for coffee shops and casual dining, 20% for fine dining and gourmet.

19. Tour Guide, Driver – $2 – $5 depending on length of tour.Trolley Tours, Vineyard Tours etc

20. Doorman $1 to $2 if he hails you a cab, $1 to $5 if he carries your bags.

21. Bellman – $1 per bag, $2 for very large or heavy bags.

Wow, that’s a lot of potential tips a customer visiting an Atlantic City hotel or casino could have to fork out of their pocket. As you can tell, some of these service industry positions do not require a tip, however, it’s based on your discretion. I believe in paying forward good Karma, thus, tipping whenever I can to hopefully make someone’s day I hope this guide to tipping really helps you enjoy your next casino vacation at the Jersey Shore.