Atlantic City Male Strippers

Atlantic City bachelorette party entertainment concepts have exploded over the years with the building of new casinos, restaurants and entertainment theaters but even with all the new hype, old traditions are hard to get rid of. Bachelorettes in Atlantic City always tend to navigate to the age old tradition of visiting male strip clubs or at least renting Atlantic City male strippers to entertain their bachelorette party for a few moments on their last night out.

After your evening out with the male strippers the last piece of the night is yet to be decided. The choice is going to be what place you will spend the rest of your bachelorette party in. We suggest you do your due diligence because most of the top male strip shows Atlantic City has to offer give you free admission to a lot of the clubs when you buy tickets to see the male strippers. It is usually part of your package when you buy tickets to one of the bigger shows. One of the top male reviews are the Savage Men Revue which is showing at the boardwalk near Bally’s. This male strip club is the longest and most successful male revue with the most male exotic dancers and packages for your wallet.

Bachelorette parties and ladies night out events can have the time of their lives wandering the Boardwalk among the towering casino structures while feasting on Atlantic City taffy, cream custard or an infinite variety of other famous Atlantic City foods all within a few feet from these male strip clubs. There is even ample parking at the Boardwalk and New York Ave if you are coming from out of town and want to dig your toes in the sand before your girls’ night out party.

Do your homework before deciding on the right entertainment for your bachelorette or birthday girl. Most reputable establishments and bars can be found being promoted by other shows and entertainment companies. For instance Atlantic City Hotel Experts, VIP in Atlantic City and Game On are three large entertainment related companies. One books hotel rooms, another books limo rides and clubs and the last is a restaurant and sports bar at Caesars Piers. Now go to their web sites and see what their suggestions are for bachelorette parties and girls night out events. If the entertainment name keeps coming up, it not by coincidence, it is by reputation. All this extravaganza and bachelorette parties don’t get this until the night they are able to arrive.

Pre purchasing

After your evening out with the male strippers the final piece of the puzzle is yet to be decided. Booking directly through Savage-Men will get you the outstanding seats and service. Also if you plan directly through them you will also get free admission into Casaba night club at the Taj Mahal and comped admission into the new Chelsea hotel night club.Another stand out is Beefcake Male Revue which hosts a remarkable choreographed male striptease extravaganza packed with sexy male strippers.

This extravaganza has been in Atlantic City for only a couple years. The next place is the American-Babes Male Revue which is also known for their sexy Texas style round up of hunky male strippers, massage men and light hearted theatrics. If you’re plan to venture out on your own we also suggest you plan bookings aheadthe last thing you want to be doing on your Atlantic City bachelorette party is sweating on line.

If you live north of Atlantic City and worry about travelling down south during the busy summer months don’t worry because a few of these companies have New York City bachelorette party entertainment shows as well and let you divert to either location as long as you call ahead first.

So there you have it girls Atlantic City is a unforgettable place to have your bachelorette party just make sure you do everything in advance to plan a evening you wont ever forget.

Two Amazing Casinos of Atlantic City

New Jersey is famous as the Garden State of United States, as it offers a great number of gardens and parks.The state is named after the island of Jersey in the English Channel.As the entire state offers a range of marvelous attractions and vibrant nightlife, it has become one of the major tourist destinations in the world.

Tourism has become the back bone of the economy of the state.Atlantic City is famous as one of the hotspots for gambling in the world which is situated in the state of New Jersey.It is considered as one of the most happening and exciting cities in the world and it is always turned on.It offers a range of casinos and boardwalks with several shopping and business centers, sandy beaches with exhilarating views of Atlantic Ocean along with several things to astonish the visitors of the city.

Atlantic City is a resort city situated on Absecon Island on the Atlantic coast of North America.The New Jersey Legislature incorporated the Atlantic City in the year 1854.It is full packed with a range of attractions and activities that will surely entertain and amuse the visitors of this marvelous city.

The Atlantic City has become one of the most visited cities of United States with millions of visitors marking their presence every year.

Few of the most visited casinos are the Trumps Marina Hotel & Casino, The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Hilton Casino Resort and many more to add to the list of fabulous casinos.

Trumps Marina Hotel & Casino is one of the most visited and sought after casinos of New Jersey.The highlight of the casino is its onsite marina and regular shows.This magnificent and extraordinary casino is situated just two miles from the city Boardwalk and three miles from beaches.

This award winning hotel is a place where you will find a perfect amalgamation of elegance and luxury.The casino covers around 74,252 square foot with around 728 guest rooms.It also accommodates seven restaurants, a dance club and Cayman Ballroom.The casino of the hotel is famous for offering Double OO Roulette, Baccarat along with Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Tiles, Poker and several poker style games.

The Borgata Hotel Casino is one of finest casinos of Atlantic City known for offering contemporary facilities and amenities along with fun of casino and gaming zones.It is said that this hotel has brought the taste and excitement of Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

It is like a haven for gamblers looking for high and low stake gaming.The hotel is famous for offering four different types games such Poker, Reel games, Novelty games and Progressive.The hotel is also famous for featuring daily Poker tournament along with weekend tournaments.This is also a proud venue of World Poker Tour tournaments.

The city also offers a range of several other casinos which include the Mardi-Gras Casino and the most sought after House of Blues Poker Room.Almost all of the Atlantic casinos are in great demand among the visitors wandering for peaceful and fun vacations in this resort city.

Atlantic City – How to Find a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Though Atlantic City is most famous for its casino resorts it has much more to offer day and night. The city offers a first class fishing destinations as well as golf clubs and courses. For the family vacation, Atlantic City is a kid’s heaven. The beaches as well as the amusement parks and arcade are just what any kid can wish for.

At night the city that is named the city that is always turned on, Atlantic has even more to offer. The nightlife revolves around not only the casinos that have so many luck games it makes it hard to pick from. For those who enjoy dancing there are numerous lounges and dance clubs. There are many entertainment locations in form of beach and comedy bars, all offering some sort of entertainments program. But what do you do when you have your pet with you, do you need to worry that you have to leave it behind? Well the simple answer is no.

When it comes to accommodations in Atlantic City the selection of hotels is large and prices may sky rocket for many of the luxurious rooms in the first class hotels. But for some of the visitors all it takes is a small pet-friendly hotel with bed and breakfast that will answer their needs. Especially when they are traveling with their pet with them. Some of the Atlantic City hotels offer babysitting services enabling the adult guest to depart on their enjoyable visit to Atlantic City carefree.

A famous hotel, offering such a service is the Sheraton Atlantic City Hotel. It is located in the vicinity of the shopping center and is designated to families as well as singles. It is a 16-story hotel with 502 rooms with facilities such as wheel-chair access, fitness center, Internet access, business center, as well as non-smoking rooms. However the facility that makes it the most pet friendly is that there is no charging fee for the pet accommodation. The only applied restriction is that the pet cannot weigh more the 36.4 Kg.

Another famous pet-friendly hotel is the Quality Hotels West, which has a charging fee of 15$ per night and restricts the pet’s weight to 11.4 Kg. It is a smaller sized hotel with 2 stories and 86 rooms. Among its facilities are Air conditioning units, Internet access, hair dryers, Microwaves, and refrigerators. It is well located in a fair distance to the boardwalk as well as the local airport.